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Doogo X8 Electric Scooter
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Doogo X8 Electric Scooter
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Doogo X8 Electric Scooter - E-Scooter - 45km Range - Detachable Battery - 10 Inch Shockproof Wheels - Cruise Control

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Best Electric Scooter - Doogo X8 E Scooter

Get around quickly and easily with the Doogo X8 electric scooter. With one of the most convenient and finest commuting tool, you can go from A to B in no time, ideal for the city. The modern and sleek design provides a luxurious and streamlined appearance and ultimate ease of use. The battery is removable so you can charge it separately from the scooter. Moreover, the scooter is foldable, so you can easily take it with you everywhere.


Detachable Battery

What makes this electric scooter unique is that the rechargeable battery is removable. This can therefore be easily removed from the scooter and thus easily charged, separate from the scooter. You can therefore charge the battery much more easily and in many more places. The battery is fully charged within 5 hours and you can drive it up to 45 km. Plus, the battery is waterproof, so you don't have to worry if it starts to rain.


Practical, Modern Design

The e scooter has a sleek, streamlined design with rounded corners and exudes quality. In addition to the luxurious appearance, the design is also very practical. The scooter can be easily folded so that you can easily take it with you on the bus, train, or in the car.


Equipped with Every Luxury

With the 350W motor, the scooter easily reaches 25km / h, so you can quickly reach your destination. The scooter has a clear LED display where the battery level and the speed are displayed. You control the speed via the comfortable anti-slip handles and it can also be set to cruise control. The tires are strong and very shock-resistant, so you can easily drive over bumps and uneven roads.

Get on the Road Safely and without Worries

The scooter is equipped with a triple braking system: pedal brake, electric brake, and disc brake. This ensures a stable and fast response of the brakes so that you can get on the road safely and without worries. The scooter is equipped with an LED light at the front and rear so that you can ride comfortably in the dark. The light also functions as a brake light, for extra safety.


✔ Detachable battery, fast charging

✔ Waterproof

✔ Easy to carry: foldable

✔ Sleek, luxurious, modern design

✔ Can drive up to 25 km per hour and has cruise control

✔ Equipped with LED front and rear light

✔ Shock-resistant tires

✔ Comfortable non-slip handles

✔ Safe driving thanks to the triple braking system

Practical, luxurious, and equipped with every convenience: that is the X8 electric scooter from Doogo.

What do I get?

✔ Doogo X8 Electric Scooter

✔ Charger

✔ Dutch and English manual

✔ A handy tool for disassembly


✔ Dimensions: 108.3 x 42 x 116.8 cm

✔ Folded dimensions: 108.3 x 42 x 46 cm

✔ Tire dimensions: 10 inches

✔ Weight: 17 kg

✔ Color: black

✔ Material: aluminum

✔ Charging time: 4-5 hours

✔ Battery: 36V 10 Ah Lithium battery

Why choose us?

If you don't love your Doogo, send it back to us within 2 weeks for a refund.

All repair / replacement costs are fully covered for 6 months after purchase.

We're here for you 7 days a week, give us a call or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Never stop moving

Keep a second battery charged to swap out in seconds.

Doogo batteries are stored in the stem of the scooter keeping it safe and fully weatherproof.


Front to back, we've got you covered. Levy electric scooters come with a rear disc brake, front e-brake, and back fender brake to keep you in control.

Bright LED headlights in the front and taillight in the back to keep you riding no matter the conditions.