Shipping policy

All of our electric scooters are UL certified and able to be shipped with major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL.  We recommend only shipping your scooter in the original packaging, or having it packaged by a professional to ensure it isn't damaged while in transit.  

All orders are processed immediately after payment and shipped from our warehouse in Deventer, the Netherlands. Shipping time ranges from 2-5 business days using UPS/DHL/DPD.  At this time we are unable to offer expedited shipping options on electric scooters or battery packs.  Shipments to outside EU may take an addition 1 - 2 business days to process due to customs filing.

Regulations electric scooters

Our scooters are CE, FCC, and RoHS certified.

While electric scooters are now allowed on the road in the countries around the Netherlands, new regulations are still being worked on in the Netherlands. We rightly get a lot of questions about this. It is good to know that there is a distinction between scooters with a throttle and scooters with pedal assistance. A scooter with a throttle must be inspected by the RDW. A scooter with pedal assistance is subject to bicycle legislation.

Scooter with pedal assistance

For a scooter with pedal assistance, it applies that it is propelled with muscle strength, with the help of an auxiliary motor.

There are no specific rules for E-scooters with electric scooter support, such as for (electric) scooters. The innovative sensor technology switches on the electric scooter support of the E-scooter - just like with E-bikes - as soon as you pedal yourself. The E-step accelerates only when you scoot along. In the Netherlands, the scooter with electric assistance is seen as an E-bike. The traffic rules for cyclists apply to these E-scooters. These scooters are - just like the E-bike - not a 'motor vehicle' and therefore a helmet, driving license, minimum age, license plate, or liability insurance are not required. The E-scooter with electric scooter support is only allowed in the Netherlands on public roads if the motor power is limited to 0.25 kW, the same maximum power as E-bikes.

We have noticed that there is still confusion at the RDW and the police about this. We had direct contact with the ministry about this in November 2018. To determine whether a scooter with pedal assistance falls into the category "bicycle with pedal assistance", it must be determined whether it can be considered a "bicycle" without assistance. The term "bicycle" is currently not defined in Dutch traffic legislation.

Scooter with throttle

At the moment no compact folding scooter with throttle is allowed on the Dutch road. The Netherlands is in a transition phase to new regulations. Its implementation is continuously being advanced. Within the new rules, such as those that have now been proposed, it will be very difficult to get an electric scooter with throttle allowed on Dutch public roads. There are a number of practical requirements that are difficult to implement, such as 4 EU approved signaling blinkers - something that is virtually impossible on a scooter due to its design. The Dutch requirements go much further than any other country in Europe.

In the countries around us, electric scooters are allowed. We expressly consider it more promising to be in line with the requirements already developed in Germany, but also in France and various other European countries, than a new and lonely initiative by the Netherlands aimed at Regulation 168/2013. We fear that this Dutch initiative will lead to a long-term process with a questionable outcome of the efforts to achieve European harmonization.

We have already received feedback from Brussels that other European member states do not want to join the initiative of the Netherlands to make the light LEVs (such as the E-step) part of Regulation 168/2013. In Germany, a package of requirements was already chosen in April 2019 that largely corresponds to the new European standard for PLEVs (PLEV - EN17128). This standard was developed by an international task force of CEN between 2013 and 2019. Micro was also part of this initiative. The PLEV standard is based on the product safety risks of the current Special Mopeds.

Doogo X8 is with throttle.

Safety & Security

The folding lock should be placed around the base of the scooter and locked to a stationary pole or bike stand when in use. Once clicked into place, turn the lock 90 degrees to connect the lock back.

Step Lock

To lock our electric scooters, we recommend purchasing a U-lock or a Folding Lock. These can be looped around the fork of the scooter (below the folding stem) and secured to a bike rack or other fixed object.  

Please be mindful that any lock, no matter how strong of a material it is made of, is usually able to be cut through with the right tools.  To avoid theft, we usually recommend that our customers don't leave their scooters unattended for long periods of time, even when locked.  

Returns & Warranty

The 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty protects customers against any mechanical defects in materials and/or workmanship while used under normal conditions.  This warranty includes:

- Battery related problems

- Issues with the motor or motor controller

- Throttle

- LCD Display   

The warranty will not cover:

- Cosmetic damage

- scratches, dents, broken plastic

- Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact

- Flat or popped tires 

If you wish to return an unused item (in original packaging) for refund or exchange let us know through email ( within 30 days of receiving the order. In case of a return we will refund the full amount including the shipping costs. When only part of the order is returned we will only refund the purchase amount of the returned items. Returning the goods to us is for your own account. Shipping fees for replacements may be applicable. All returns must be accompanied by the order confirmation which will be emailed to you upon payment of your order or with the shipping slip sent with your order. You may wish to insure your return as we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns. A refund or replacement will be issued once the package has been returned.

1. Send an email to within 30 days of receiving your order
2. You will receive the RETURN instructions from us through email
3. Send us your product(s) within 14 days to the address on the RETURN instructions. The products need to be shipped in the original packaging and with the the order confirmation or shipping slip.
4. We will process your return and refund your payment or send a replacement.

When you have followed the instructions above we will refund the money of your purchase, including the shipping costs of the original order. When only part of the order is returned we will only refund the purchase amount of the returned items.

The shipping costs and the risk of the return are for the customer.

All items need to be returned in original and unused condition in the original packaging. 

Your return will be delivered to our warehouse and processed much faster if you include the order confirmation or shipping slip. Please do not send your order back to us without this as we cannot process it.