The standby time of mobile phones has always been the focus of users' attention. In many cases, the standby time of different mobile phones will be first considered when choosing a mobile phone. To keep the phone working, we have to carry a long charging cable with us so that we can charge at any time.

However, the charging cable will also cause us some troubles. For example, when it is put in the pocket of the pants, it will be entangled with the contents inside. When you want to charge the charging cable, you will encounter the phenomenon of things being brought out. Then we came to pack things in a panic. To change this situation, many mobile phone manufacturers have developed devices that allow mobile phones to achieve wireless charging. To a certain extent, wireless chargers can indeed make our desks no longer in a mess, but is it safe to use wireless charging for mobile phones? Will wireless charging have some impact on our mobile phones?


Is it safe to use wireless charging?

Regarding this problem, according to the wireless charging technology standard, it is known that the short-distance wireless charging technology used by ordinary products has less radiation than the daily wi-fi radiation. So wireless charging is safe. This is one of the reasons why wireless charging devices are becoming increasingly popular in the market. Since the receiving coil (located in your smartphone) needs to be in contact with the charging base coil, avoid signal propagation into the surrounding air. When your smartphone is actually in contact with the charging base, the signal will be concentrated to the receiving coil of the phone to start charging.

According to actual tests, the radiation generated by wireless charging equipment is extremely small when it is working, and its radiation production is less than one-tenth of the radiation of mobile phones and wi-fi. Therefore, Whether you charge your phone on your bedside table all night, or your desk all day, you can be safe and worry-free.

Will wireless charging harm mobile phone batteries?

Most of the batteries in mobile phones currently on the market are the most common type of lithium battery. So, why do so many mobile phone manufacturers use lithium batteries? It is because this kind of battery has a very big feature, that is, it has a very long service life and is extremely durable, not to mention that the lithium battery does not have a memory effect, which means that it can withstand very high power without damage. Therefore, wireless charging will not affect the battery.