Cats are the perfect pets for many people-since cats are very independent and don't need us to pay much attention all the time, but they have enough love to accompany us, help us relieve our loneliness, and relieve work pressure. Therefore, many people who want a pet but also work full-time will choose to adopt or buy a cat to raise. Some people may wonder since they are going to work, what should the cat do and who will take care of it? In fact, office workers can also both work and raise cats. The key lies in what method you take.

Toilet training

When we take the kitty home, regardless of whether it will use the litter box or not, the first thing we need to do is to take the cat to the toilet as soon as possible. Put the cat in a clean litter box to familiarize it with the smell of the cat litter, and the relatively closed space of the litter box can provide the cat with a sense of security. In this way, when the cat wants to hide or want to poop, he will think of going to the litter box as soon as possible. Because cats are born to use cat litter, it may be related to their ancestors. They originally originated in Egypt and lived in the desert. If the cat does not defecate in the litter, it is possible that the cat does not like that kind of litter or the litter box is too small or the amount of litter is too small. You can adjust it according to the situation to see if it improves.

Make sure she has enough food

If you are busy at work, please prepare a more convenient diet for the cat. For example, you can choose cat food or freeze-dried feeding, which is easier to prepare. If you are not at home all day, don't leave cats such as canned cat food or cat rice that are perishable. This kind of food is best fed to your cat when you are at home. Otherwise, if you are away from home for a long time, if the cat eats corrupt food, it will easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Ensuring that your cat has enough food and plenty of freshwaters during the day is essential for her to stay healthy and happy. In addition, if you are worried about cats eating and drinking at home, some high-tech equipment can be used. For example, automatic cat toilets can help you shovel cat feces, automatic pet feeders can help you feed your cats regularly, electric water dispensers can supply cats with water for a day, and so on. In short, as long as you paid, everything is pretty easy to handle.

Make sure the cat gets enough mental stimulation

One of the biggest benefits of keeping cats above dogs is that cats tend to be more independent, making them generally more entertaining at work. However, in order for cats to live more comfortably, please allow them to stay in a ventilated and sunny room to walk freely. Don't keep them in a cage all day because you are not at home. Cats who live in cages for a long time may suffer from mental illness.

When you are at work, make sure that your cat has some toys that it likes to play with, and has paws to scratch the branches or trees. Scratching is an important instinct of cats. Unless you don't want the furniture to be completely destroyed, pillars or trees are essential to help her lengthen and sharpen her claws. You can also keep the carton by your side because cats like to explore and play in it.

You can use the camera to keep an eye on the cat

Letting pets stay at home alone for so long does make many people feel uneasy. But it doesn't matter, there are some high-tech products that can fully meet your needs. For example, you can install a camera at home so that you can always see your pet and even chat with it.

Consider finding a playmate for your cat

Some experts suggest that you should not only have one cat but two cats instead. Although cats are relatively independent, they will inevitably be bored. In this way, these two cats will accompany each other during the day. Unfortunately, this also means more expenses and more clean-up work, so please consider carefully before choosing this option. If you have no plans to raise a second cat, it is necessary to buy some practical toys for the cat. For example, a cat climbing frame of the right size allows the cat to climb up or grab a paw when it is boring; another example is the electric funny cat stick that can be activated at any time to allow the cat to move its muscles and bones.

Take time to play with the cat for a while at night

Cats don't need your company too much, but it doesn't mean they don't need you. After your busy day of work is finally over, please leave a little time for the cats so that they can get close to you and play with you. This is not only good for the cat’s mental health but also good for alleviating the tiredness of the owner during the day. On weekends, try to accompany the cat as much as possible to help establish an intimate relationship with it, like taking it out to park activities, on the one hand, it can increase interaction, on the other hand, it can also exercise the cat’s body.


It is a kind of fate for our cats to meet us, so then we should treat cats as carefully as our little kids. Although cats are sometimes very mischievous and it takes energy and time to take care of them, it is undeniable that cats do bring a lot of joy to our lives and heal our mood.