How to tidy up the mess at home? Take a look at these home storage methods to make your home tidy and clean right away.

The basis of storage is sorting. Before stuffing the items into the box, the first thing we have to do is to sort them. Separate what is useful and what is not, and throw away what is not needed. This will free up more storage space and create a clean and comfortable environment. But when many people are packing up unwanted items, most of them are entangled in this item whether I want it or not? Few people take this thing as a criterion for discarding it. Because of this when distinguishing items, a lot of time is wasted, and the ideal finishing effect is not achieved. Therefore, items are not required to be discarded based on unused and disliked criteria when distinguishing them. For items that are difficult to make the final decisions, you can choose to use them for a period of time to see if you can change your mind. You may have seen a lot of storage methods, but no matter what storage method is, it is the two words of hiding and exposing. It is summarized as hidden storage and display storage.


The first type: display storage

There are two ways to display storage, one is hook storage, and the other is display storage. It is to add hooks to the items by hanging, or the items are arranged in order. This method is suitable for people who like artistic design items and decorations, or that stuff that has high requirements for picking time, and will be used every day. For example, bathroom toiletries, pots, and pans, soup spoons, forks, etc.


The second type: hidden storage

There are two types of hidden storage. The first is drawer storage. This method is mainly suitable for things that you don't want to see or items that affect the aesthetics. The other is cabinet storage. This method is mainly suitable for items with a wide variety of items, or items that are not commonly used, such as dishes and bowls in your kitchen, as well as various tools used in your home, or even snacks, these relatively large quantities are very suitable for this method.

In fact, different types of items require different storage methods. There are thousands of items. Then its size and shape are different. The storage method that needs to be applied is also different. The best storage method is to determine the storage method according to the types and attributes of different items. The following points are about the storage methods of different types of items.


Association Storage

When we are using an item, we also think of another item. In this case, the Lenovo storage method can be used. Its advantage is that there is no need to memorize where the item is stored. So what does it apply to? For example, the cups, coffee, and other tools that everyone uses when making coffee. You can put it together. For example, the bottoms, accessories, etc. that you will match when you wear a certain top, you can use the Lenovo storage method to store it together.


Partition storage

Partition storage method. Is to divide an area into multiple storage areas. Then it is mainly used for more complicated types of items. Irregular shape, volume, or some small objects. The advantage of this method is that the order is very good, and it can effectively distinguish the types of items, and then the divisions are clear. For example, the underwear, underwear, suspenders, tube tops, etc. that you store in the closet are placed in the same drawer. There are many items, and when there are more types, you can use this partition and storage method. There are many kinds of irregularly shaped items. This partitioning method can also be used, which can make full use of the upper space.

Drawer storage

The drawer storage method is to add boxes with bottoms or lids in empty areas. And can be easily pulled out and pushed forward. Then, its advantage is that it can make full use of upper space and maximize space utilization. This method is very suitable for the length, width, and height of the blank area. You can add this method to places with larger values. For example, under the hanging area of ​​everyone's wardrobe. When a lot of space is empty, this drawer storage method can be used. Due to the height and depth of the cabinet, when the value is relatively large, space cannot be fully utilized, and this method can also be used.

Upright storage

The upright storage method is very simple, that is, to stand up the items. Then this advantage is clear at a glance, easy to take, and at the same time make full use of the upper space, and beautiful, and very practical. This method is very suitable for clothes and items stored in the cabinet, such as suspenders, T-shirts, pants, and scarves in the closet. Direct legislation can be adopted. There are other small items that are very suitable for this method. Of course, there are books and folders, and pens that are very suitable for direct legislation. And there are also kitchen bowls, pots, chopsticks, and small accessories that are also very suitable for direct legislation.



The advantage of choosing suitable home storage is to improve the convenience and comfort of your house and reduce the pressure of family members do not tidy every day. Questions like where to make the stuff easier, please consider while enjoying. Find suitable storage for your home and build a family that is convenient for life. Don't look forward to others, hope your life becomes better.