Most people like to keep cats as companions, although sometimes they are annoying, which is not worth mentioning when compared to their cuteness. In fact, we have to go to work on weekdays, and some people have to exercise after getting off work. Sometimes it is difficult for us to spare time to feed them. Delays at the end of the meeting, a party after the meeting, or an unexpected invitation may cause your pet to not be fed in time.


Like many other modern inventions, the automatic pet feeder is designed to save time by completing daily feeding tasks on your behalf. A typical automatic pett feeder can store and distribute the amount and time of feeding at your choice. Its functions vary from device to device, ranging from a fully digital technological miracle to a more basic version that can fully function, depending on which one you need to choose.


Below, we will introduce some of the advantages of automatic pet feeders and learn about some of the different types of feeders on the market


4 Advantages of Automatic Pet Feeder

Convenience -- The outstanding advantage of the automatic pet feeder is its convenience. It allows you to feed your pets when you are not at home, without having to ask friends or trouble neighbors to do these things for you. You will never feel guilty about troubling others, and your cat can also get the care it deserves.


Prevent swelling -- the automatic pet feeder can avoid the undesirable side effects of cat swelling by controlling the feeding time and the amount of each meal. This may be more beneficial than a big meal provided when you return home.


Medical value -- Automatic pet feeders have even been included in the recommended list of some veterinarians. They suggest that automatic pet feeders can be used because it is a good way to regulate the food consumption of cats with diseases such as diabetes.


Personalization -- If you are a cat owner, you definitely want to control every detail. The automatic pet feeder must be a good helper for you, allowing you to determine the size and regularity of the cat meal, just press the button after setting it you can take control.


But computerized feeders do greater than operate components. Additionally, they educate your pet there isn't any use in begging, so you can get an all-night-long sleep. Because the food is given by the machine, it makes your pet understand there is no point to scratch you at 4 a.m. It can help your pet develop a good habit of eating regularly.


These devices range from being able to provide simple timed feedings, to WiFi-enabled programs that you can operate through a phone app. Many runs on batteries — all to the good if your cat enjoys chewing on power cords. After Installed the battery, even if during a power outage or WiFi offline, the feeder can still continue to feed your pet according to the program set on the phone APP.


Let's take a look at the main types of automatic pet feeders currently on the market:


3 Types of  Automatic Pet Feeder

The ordinary principle of gravity -- the working principle of these automatic pet feeders is due to gravity. When your cat makes room in the bowl by eating, it will automatically refill the cat feeding station from the upper container. These types of dispensers are suitable for owners whose sole goal is to serve food through a full bowl because they provide no opportunity to adjust portion size or timing.


Electronic automatic type -- the smarter design is the electronic automatic pet feeder, with a WIFI connection for app control. This model allows you to set the mealtime, fill the bowl with the required amount of food in advance, and then you can rest assured that your pet will be fed according to your wishes. When the meal time comes, it is usually activated in the timing cat feeder by automatically sliding or lifting the lid of the lid.


Advanced programmable functions -- For owners who want their cats to dine at a fixed time and want to provide meals of multiple sizes, the top products in the automatic cat feeder series will be competent. Although you may pay more for these smart machines, you get what you pay for, whether you are at home or not, you will be able to closely control your pet's food consumption.



Overall, automatic pet feeders perform exactly the work completely well. But do not anticipate a simple version to enhance your kitty's daily diet plan, of course in the event that you opt for an even more high-level system, be certain that to have adequate persistence to know your pet's nuances as a way to find the absolute maximum from it.