People who have worked in the office for a long time should be able to notice that the cleanliness of the desks of colleagues who work in the same office is very different from person to person. Some people's desks are neatly arranged and organized, and some people's desks are messy. Although this may seem to be a matter of personal habits, it can often be seen that people who are organized at their desks tend to work harder and more efficiently and leave a better impression on others.

The items introduced below will help you easily organize your desktop.


Wireless charger

Most wireless chargers are now divided into two types, one is the lying flat type; the other is the vertical type. When you use the wireless charger to charge the phone, you can adjust the angle you want, so you don't have to pick it up when you want to look at the phone screen. Although there is still a wire behind the wireless charging base, it is not that matter. Compared with the traditional charger, the visual effect is not so messy. If you are unsatisfied, you can also put the wireless charger in the corner of the table to hide the backline in the gap. To take a step back, you want the desktop to look 100 percent neat and tidy, then replace the wireless devices as much as possible, such as wireless mouse, bluetooth keyboards, wireless earbuds, and minimize the constraints of the wires, or hide the wires as much as possible. After all, the wires Scattered on the table will make the table messy.


Wireless keyboard and mouse

As a person who has been tortured by wired peripherals for many years, devices with cables will always bother you. How to arrange the cables to appear unobtrusive and smooth? How can it not restrict the placement and adjustment of the keyboard and mouse? At this time, for you who have already had nothing to deal with this, using a wireless keyboard is the most sensible choice, and it also allows you to freely adjust a comfortable position. It is best to use a wireless keyboard + mouse kit. Only one USB interface is needed to control the wireless mouse and keyboard at the same time. After replacing the wireless device, you will find that the desktop can expand more space and look more comfortable.


Desktop cable organizer

If you are accustomed to using wired chargers, headphones, and other products that you often need to use every day, then a desktop cable organizer is an indispensable helper. The purpose of cable management is generally to hide data cables, etc., to make the desktop look tidy. It is inevitable to avoid all kinds of charging cables and earphone cables when working. The function of the cable organizer is that on the one hand, it can arrange and fix all kinds of twisted cables, and on the other hand, it can also help store unused data cables and earphone cables to prevent various cables from entanglement during storage. The cable device occupies a small space, and it can store several commonly used cables in a centralized manner, or it can be attached to the bottom of the desktop as a cable fixing device. It is very practical. It is an artifact of desktop organization and storage. And it will not cost you much, a worth buy!



Faced with the accumulation of documents and materials, should we let them pile up in the office, or should we put them away and put them neatly? The latter can bring convenience and organization to your office, so that you don't have to be in a hurry, and create a comfortable and clean office environment for you.

There are always some books or files used in work. How can I find them when I need them? Then we need to take care of it. Documents must be sorted into different categories, and file bags and folders are must-have magic helpers.


File management tips

Fragmented documents are difficult to store and more difficult to find quickly. The following 4 tips can help you get rid of the trouble:

1. Use transparent folders and file boxes skillfully. You can use it to place files, transparent folders can help us see file types, and file boxes can organize files.

2. In the drawer, place 3 or more file boxes horizontally to put the files in, and mark each box with "processing", "temporary storage", "reserved"... you can also follow Set up according to your own needs, and put important documents in the box one by one after getting off work, which is safe and tidy.

3. Put the documents on the desk vertically into the file box and label them, such as red for urgent, blue for important, yellow for this week, and green for the key.

4. Put all the receipts into a fixed folder, and use tags to distinguish different categories, such as transportation, work, travel, miscellaneous, etc., like a file, and put them together neatly, so that it will be more searchable Convenience.



In any case, choose the product according to your needs.

We should develop a good habit of organizing the desk every day, such as receiving the files that have been processed on the desktop and need to be saved in the drawer and disposing of the unnecessary files in time. Not only can you maintain the ideal desktop, but you can also keep people mentally happy.